Best spa in Korea

No matter how famous an overseas spa is, it is meaningless if you cannot visit it right away. So I prepared. 32 places recommended by Korean beauty people, from luxury spas boasting top-notch interiors and private spaces to massage shops with excellent taste at reasonable prices!

32 Best Spas Recommended by Korean Beauty People

1 Konjiam Resort Spa La Spa “The wellness program of ‘Spa La Spa’ located in Konjiam Resort is not just a massage, but a total wellness program that balances the mind and body through nutrition therapy, stress management, and exercise therapy. For the half-day course, which takes about 6 hours, it would be good to take a day and look for it with the feeling of taking a good rest.” Inquiries 031-8026-5605 _ Fashion & Beauty Editor Namji Lee

2 Grand Hyatt Seoul The Spa “The ‘Signature Ginseng Experience’ using ginseng oil is the best therapy in winter to warm and energize the body. It is only available in Korea, so it is popular with foreigners. The ‘Swedish Massage’, which uses aroma oils blended according to the condition of the day to cool the tense muscles, is also worth a try.” Inquiries 799-8808 _ Editor-in-Chief Boseon Kim

3 Dar Spa “Dar Spa, located in Cheongdam-dong, is a total well-being space that not only takes care of the skin, but also balances the mind and body. Where else could the word “rest” be more appropriate? The attention to detail in selecting aroma oils according to the physical condition of the day stands out. You can also receive a special facial treatment from Chantecaille, a luxury skincare brand in New York, and Rennes, a British organic cosmetic.” Inquiries 544-7821 _ Hermes Public Relations Manager Jooyeon Kim

4 Darphin Spa “Darphang Spa, located in the Meritz Building in Gangnam, is operated for VIP customers. ‘Facial Soothing Treatment’ and ‘Camellia & Pearl Youthful Glow Treatment’ for anti-aging are the only facial treatments that my sensitive skin accepts without objection. I wanted to become a VIP customer of Darphin because of the treatment I visited because of the experience article.” Inquiries 3440-2786 _ Fashion & Beauty Editor Soonyoung Choi

1 W Away Spa “The ‘Awayssage’ of the W Hotel ‘Away Spa’ is the representative program of this place where you massage the body with a ball made with essential aroma oil and lavender marine salt. After scrubbing, wrap the whole body in wrap to detoxify and soften dry skin. We use premium spa products such as Valmont from Switzerland, Natura Bise from Spain and soda from Australia.” Inquiries 2022-0450 _ WE Clinic Director Ae-Kyung Jo

2 The Amore Spa “The Amore Spa, operated by Amore Pacific, is located on the 10th floor of Myeongdong Avenuel, so it is good to use after enjoying shopping. The representative treatment, ‘Halla Green Tea Therapy’, uses oil extracted from natural green tea seeds from Jeju Hallasan, green tea body wrap, green tea scrub, and green tea bath so that you can feel the benefits of green tea with your whole body. Highly recommended if you like green tea!” Inquiries 2118-6221 _ Beauty Editor Park Se-mi

3 Dior Skin Care Suite “In the ‘Dior Skin Care Suite’ located on the 2nd floor of the Shinsegae Gangnam branch, you can receive the ‘Ultimate Skin Care’ massage using Dior Snow and Capture XP. It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on individual skin concerns.
We also offer custom solutions. It is even more nice to be able to meet lip gloss palettes and perfumes that have not been launched in Korea in limited editions.” Inquiry 3479-1784 _ Model Lee Hyun-i

4 Leboa Hanwha Spa “When I go to Busan, this is the first place I go to as a place to relax just for myself. It is characterized by using herbs, herbal medicines, and Japanese herbal medicines. ‘Pyto Head Massage’ using Leboa’s original hair care cream not only massages the scalp, but also the neck and shoulders to revitalize the body tired from excessive work. The view of Gwangan Bridge through the glass is also good!” Inquiries 051-743-6105 _ Piaget Public Relations Manager Ji-Hyun Kim

1 Soo Spa 2 Darphin Spa 3 W Away Spa

1 Sulwhasoo Spa “The ‘Sulwhasoo Spa’ located in the Jamsil branch of Lotte Department Store uses only Sulwhasoo products that contain the finest oriental herbal ingredients. In particular, the Jaeumdan Ball Massage, which applies traditional oriental medicine, uses essential oils of herbal ingredients to massage the whole body, and then uses the heated Jaeumdan balls to relieve stiff back. Brightening skin tone is a bonus! ” Inquiry 411-0262 _ Model Lee Hye-jeong

2 Soo Spa “The ‘Soo Spa’ inside the Yeouido Marriott Hotel creates an exotic atmosphere with a small waterway flowing from the entrance. “Silver Chi Ritual Therapy,” which takes full advantage of silver’s detoxification ability, is a treatment I would recommend as it relieves toxins in the body and relaxes muscles. Not only does it clear the skin, but it also prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body, making the body feel healthier.” Inquiry 2090-8070 _ Brand Policy Director Shim Yeon-soo

3 Spa de Leehee “I go to ‘Spa de Leehee’ in Cheongdam-dong when I am tired and exhausted from the irregular shooting schedule. In particular, ‘Absolute Head Spa’, which is performed after accurately diagnosing the scalp or hair, massages not only the scalp but also the feet, making it feel like receiving a full body spa. If you have trouble on your skin or your complexion is not good, re-energize your skin with ‘Revitalizing Care’.
bring to life It helps with light hair styling after the spa.” Inquiry 3446-0314 _ Actress Choi Yeo-jin

4 Jeju Island Shilla Hotel Guerlain Spa “The Shilla Jeju Guerlain Spa, which I visited on my last business trip, was much more satisfying than the treatments I had received anywhere else in the world. It turns out that the therapists here are elite members who received strict training from the French Guerlain esthetic trainer. The right room temperature, the subtle scent of pine trees, and quiet meditation music help to relax the body and mind.” Inquiries 064-735-5138 _ Makeup artist Hosuk Kwon

1 Clarins Skin Spa “I go to the Apgujeong ‘Clarins Skin Spa’ in Apgujeong if my body swells up or gets tired due to my irregular lifestyle and overnight filming. A place where Clarins products made with pure plant ingredients and the hands of an esthetician meet to cool the body. After receiving slimming therapy for a balanced body line, leg swelling is removed, and the body that used to be chubby becomes as light as a feather.” Contact us 515-9894 _ Stylist Seo Jeong-eun

2 Park Hyatt Park Club “The ‘Park Club’ of Park Hyatt in Samseong-dong provides a private service through consultation with a professional manager. ‘Park Club Signature Massage’ starts with a foot bath massage with aroma added to relieve tension in the body. Then, the scalp, face, and abdomen are massaged with products from the Italian spa brand Comfort Zone, not oil, and the moisturizing power is excellent.” Inquiries 2016-1176 _ Pfizer Pharmaceutical Sales Department Eunji Kim

3 Plaza Spa Club “The ‘Plaza Spa Club’, which specializes in medical treatment prescribed by a family medicine specialist, prescribes injections as needed. If you don’t have time to spare, we recommend the 30-minute course that you can take in a short time using lunch time. In particular, ‘Ear Candle Treatment’ seems to be the best therapy to improve concentration and vitality within a short time.” Inquiries 310-7800 _ Beauty Editor Migu Kim

4 Hair News Skin Spa “The cool massage technique is the same as the familiar taste of the local sauna. When you leave your body to the familiar hand movements of Sunjin Yang, who has a long career at various brand spas, not only will the skin be cleared, but also the lymphatic drainage will be promoted and even the toxic substances from the skin will be removed. There is no special spa program, but it is reliable because it manages it appropriately according to the condition of the day.” Inquiry 796-2577 _ Beauty Editor, Jeongmin Lee